Our Mission

The Council of Care creates systems of accountability that nurture growth and community through support systems and collective resources.  

Our Vision

The Council of Care is a space where we learn to equip ourselves with the skills we need to navigate conflict in our communities and experience ambition, pleasure, and alignment. We heal our communities by healing ourselves.


 Aisha (She/Her,They/Them) is an arts organizer and cultural worker who supports individual artists, collectives and small organizations in sustainable growth and ethical alignment.


Stephanie (She/Her, They/Them) is an organizer, co-op growth consultant, and social worker.

They were brought up on the mantra

"la union hace la fuerza"

(unity is strength)

This is a core value that fuels Stephanie's mission to support the strength of worker cooperatives, immigrants, QTPOC, and first generation artists and entrepreneurs. 


Sonia Erika ( all pronouns ) is the daughter of formerly undocumented laborers. Rooted in a deep appreciation for softness and resilience, Sonia embraces the power of community-driven initiatives to overcome obstacles.

Sonia Erika is a member of:

@deathisabusiness, a nomadic band. a collective empowering travelers, artists, and co-ops.

@usfwc U.S. Federation of Worker Co-ops


Our Values



The power of the way we see things dictate how we navigate the world. There are multiple ways to view the problem. We work through this truth and acknowledge that this power is ours.


We know that growth can only come from being honest with ourselves. We hold a safe space to sit with and process our failures. We accept these failures as lessons that make us stronger and wiser.


We are committed to reflecting, and we work from a space of acceptance. We accept that we have been wrong and may be wrong.


We believe in the power of joy and the ability to create and learn through joy. We practice tapping in and strengthening our inner child even when we are 120 years old!


We are committed to our dreams, to our futures, to Mother Earth. Through our commitment we build accountability and discipline that allows us to create patterns that heal.


We give each other space to process and understand.


We already have what we need. We believe in our community and work to build the world we want to live in. We work to repair harm and provide pathways to regenerative conflict